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Reliability and beyond

MemEx is an independent company with over 25 years’ experience in ITS and  Public Transport sectors.  One of the key strengths of Memex over the years has been the ability of the company to listen to and work with transport operators to design products and services.  CELSO system is our latest product which is dedicated to fleet, service monitoring and control.

Our main objective is to provide a flexible, adaptable system for different kinds of transport companies in terms of fleet size to be monitored and range of services operated.

MemEx team consists of Transport, IT engineers and software developers.  This ensures customers will be ensured of receiving quality support and service.  Our team will work with Transport Operators to cover all aspects of your operation to help you develop quality services for your passengers and conditions for your employees. 

CELSO has been designed to offer simplicity and ease of use for both transport operators and customers. 

For more information about MemEx please visit company web site 

Image by Dylan Gillis
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